Does Your Mama Got Problems?

I can help.

Mother’s have a unique set of challenges when it comes to getting through the day. If you’re a working mom then life is a never-ending struggle to manipulate time and learn to live with the inherent pain that comes with leaving kids during the day. Stay-at-home mothers have many of the same time struggles, but with the added bonus of little people screaming in their faces all hours of the day.

Marijuana can help with the most mundane of ailments. One of my favorite uses is to treat the awful symptoms of PMS that come every month, no matter how busy your schedule is or whether or not your kid is sick with stomach flu while you’re breastfeeding. PMS and menstrual cramps have seriously no chance against even the wackest of weed. And yet women don’t ever think to use it for that. After all, pot is for druggies and hippies right? Not actual people you and I know. /sarcasm.

I have picked out an indica, two sativas, and a lovely hybrid for this article. I’ve considered various issues I personally struggle with when choosing these wonderful flowers, such as lack of energy, anxiety, depression, needing sex, etc. I think you’re going to enjoy. And be sure to check out the end of this article for even more  of the best pot strains for moms, all top shelf and readily accessible.


The Stoner Mom Guide to The Best Pot Strains for Moms






Lavender: The Best Pot Strains for Moms
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The Truth: Best Pot Strains for Moms
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Green Crack: The Best Pot strains for Moms
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Mooshine Haze: The Best Sativa Pot Strains for Mom
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