Stoned thoughts ahead. In this post, reflecting on five years of blogging at

Five Years | thoughts on what this blog means to me

Five years ago so much in my life was new. This house I write in was new to us. My marriage was new. Our children newly blended. And this blog was new.

Back in those early days I didn’t have a stoner studio, so in the evenings after kids went to bed I would retreat to the basement to work on this website. As a new stoner in Colorado and a longtime blogger, I was lit up with excitement over the idea of creating a blog about mothering and marijuana.

I was just a normal mom navigating a new family of 6, and my mental health had made a big improvement with the introduction of medical cannabis. As happy as I was about that, I found myself in the awkward position of having to balance my life as a mom with my use of a medicine that is still illegal in some parts of the country. Very few people were talking about responsible parenting with weed in the house, and in my bliss of a new family and new medicine, I knew this was a topic I could master.

And so for a few summer months in 2014 I began to drip out posts that would ultimately form the entire feel of this website. My very first blog post here was a wordy and obviously stoned few paragraphs about parents needing some pleasures in life. At least I think that was my point. Honestly, reading over it I don’t fully understand what I was getting at back then, but I do know that in the years that followed this blog became bigger and more important to me than I had dreamed.

Over the past five years here I’ve shared strains, tutorials, videos and personal stories. I’ve reviewed tons of products, shared my stash multiple times, and have lifted the curtain on what it’s like to work online in the cannabis field. I’ve been featured in multiple publications, had a local news story on me go national, and even got to hear my voice on the CBC. And though recognition can be fun, even for an introvert like me, my real accomplishments here have been much more personal.

For one, this website has made a big financial impact in my life. Though my blog is about a subject that is widely deemed advertiser-unfriendly, I’ve been able to monetize my work and for the first time, generate meaningful income for my family. I take a huge amount of pride in this. I became a stay-at-home-mom when I was 23 and I know the unique frustrations of being an able-bodied adult stuck in the home with babies. It’s a privileged space that can nonetheless be isolating and truly difficult. I will forever treasure this website for giving me freedom to have both an income and adult interaction while working from home.

But my most meaningful accomplishment here has been making my readers feel comfortable enough to share their cannabis journey with me. Over the years I’ve heard from so many of you. I’ve heard from parents in every station of life, adults from every major profession, at all levels of education. I hear from veterans battling addictions, young moms dealing with depression, and retirees living with pain. And through your stories I’ve seen not just how much cannabis can positively impact a life, but how truly normal and benign the average cannabis user is. We’re productive members of society managing pain, stress and illness in the way that works best for us. And every time someone responsible uses cannabis openly and publicly, the negative stigma of the plant is diluted just a bit.

I would love to say that in the last five years this stigma has lessoned, but to be honest I’m not so confident that it has. It’s going to take more than five years and a handful of responsible influencers to change the world’s perception of cannabis. Until then we have to do our part educating, advocating, and voting for legalization, decriminalization, and expunging of cannabis convictions. We also need to model responsible cannabis use, and to make sure we’re educating our kids about cannabis in an age-appropriate way. We’ve still got a long way to go, but with legalization steadily marching across the globe, we are heading in the right direction.

A Stoner Mom Giveaway

As a part of reflecting on five years blogging, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning. I spent the past several months kon-maring my stoner studio and the many products I amass as part of the job. Whether it’s for reviews or just PR, I receive more CBD and stoner gear than I can use. To manage the sheer amount of stuff I give most things away to friends and family. I also send out a lot of CBD products to followers.

Everything else gets set aside and saved for celebrations such as these. So, to say thank you for supporting me for so long, I’ve put together a few small giveaways! This first giveaway bundle is a collection of CBD products that you are going to love!

The Stoner Mom’s Five Year Blogging Giveaway!
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*Please note, this giveaway is not sponsored in any way. I received all of these products as part of a partnership at one time and have kept them for giveaways. Everything is sealed and unopened.

To Enter

Let’s switch things up for this giveaway! To enter simply comment on this blog post. You can comment about anything, but I would love to hear how you’ve found me! No matter what you comment, I just ask that you please make sure to include your email so I can easily contact the winner. Because this giveaway is full of CBD products, it is only open to residents of the USA, aged 18+. I’ll choose a random commenter at the end of Monday, July 22, 2019  *EDITED TO ADD: I’m extending this giveaway to end of Monday, July 29, 2019. I’ll update this post with the winner once they are chosen. Good luck!  


The Stoner Mom is a pulled-together, WAHM, SAHM, boo-boo kissing supermom. Most would assume she is not stoned. Most would be quite wrong.


  1. Brandy clemmerson

    Hey stoner mom, I found you by searching YouTube a few years ago looking for advice and more stoner moms, I love your content and sweet you always are!

  2. rachel goltra

    Hi Storermom! I’ve been following you for a couple years now, and to be honest I cannot remember how I found you. But you are my holy grail, when I think of sophistication and cannabis, there’s no one who does it better. You’re not a stereotypical “stoned” you are a wife and mother and where all the hats that comes with. You made me understand and learn how to become a better mom with cannabis and hemp and do it without fear. I’m always too shy to comment on your posts but I have commented on some giveaways, (yes I was that girl has) I guess I still am… But I’m jumping out of my comfort zone and will post more on here and instagram too. Most social media is toxic, so your website is refreshing. (but you followed me back on instagram, and it literally made my life!) I have needed to branch out my cbd game but just haven’t found what works… So anyway, if you’ve read this far, I just want you to know, you rock! We all love you for your gorgeous take on cannabis and the stigma on mental health as well. ✌💘

  3. Hi! I found you by searching for some tips, but I want to say, great site! Love it!!!

  4. Jennifer

    I initially found you on Youtube, then to, and am now a member of House VanEaton.
    Side Note: I saw on instagram you got another dog! I can’t wait to meet the doggo 🙂

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  6. Found your page from CannaMama Clinic! Loved the couple posts I read so far!!

  7. Girl. Grrrrrrrrrl. You are amazing and these comments are testament to your work. I’ve been on this ride with you over two years now, listened to all of MADAS and utilized your website as well. Originally found the podcast when downloading another parenting related one, and it opened my eyes to all the great cannabis content online (I was somehow in the dark on that!).

  8. Zaida Romero

    Hi Stoner mom❤️ Much congrats on your 5th anniversary, how fucking cool. I found you guys on itunes a couple of months ago. I had this summer off from work and have been listening to your podcast 24/7 nonstop! no joke. Your show is amazing, I love how you and Blavid lol talk about anything not just mariguana it self. And I feel like sometimes I feel like my relationship resembles to you guys lol. me and my partner of 8 years and parents to a 2 yo. have been smoking since forever I can remember lol. We both listen to your podcast and laugh, just cuz we literally laugh hard asf. We feel like we know you guys😂 Anyways , thank you for being you and for sharing stuff with us your fans 🙂

  9. Kathryn, thank you for everything you do to promote responsible use.

  10. I found you by accident, looking for podcasts about growing. I’m a stoner mom in Oklahoma, a newly legal state..which still has very heavy stigma levels. Your website and podcasts with david have made me feel so much more comfortable and better about being a cannabis using parent. I also suffer from mental ailments , and also pain and cannabis has gotten me off multiple medications that were ultimately harming me. I listen to you guys every day on my long drives to work and definitely recommend you to my friends.

    • Ashlee A

      Thank you for leading in the way you are truly amazing. I’m currently a stay at home mom and it is Incredibly difficult (thank you for mentioning that, some people think it’s a cake walk….wrong) Your blog is so helpful because you touch real life bases and connections. Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to read about what’s next!

  11. My girlfriend showed me your site and have loved it ever since. Sadly we don’t have the money to purchase much but whenever we save up a bit of spending money your sight is one of our first landing spots. Thank you for all that you do!

  12. Sunbaked34

    I stumbled onto TSM while researching ways to deal with ‘some’ depression I was facing…and probably had been facing for many years. I’d concluded that controlled substances (Rx) weren’t the first option for me, for a number of reasons. I found a wealth of experience and knowledge in how to map cannaboid and terpine profiles that work for me (all without side effects and the ‘you may experience intense suicidal thoughts’ risks.

    I joined your site and community and found a wealth of information and support from you (both) and the TSM community. Thank you for being relentless in this pursuit. I know its not the easiest thing to do — each and every day — but your effort and insight is appreciated with much grace. Peace to you…and stay lifted! ✌🏻🌿🙏🏼

  13. I found you about 6 months ago in a google search for stoner moms. My depression and anxiety skyrocketed after a divorce and I was looking for an alternative to pills and your website, blogs, podcasts all helped steer me in the direction of medical cannabis and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Thanks for all that you do!

  14. Laura Luttrell

    Hi, I found you about a year ago while looking for a stoner mom I could relate to. All the content I kept finding on social media was not for my late 30’s ass. Now I’m 40, and I also had a major health crisis about 5 months ago. One of the only things I could handle watching was your videos and listening to your podcasts. Most everything else I tried to watch would give me a panic attack. Thank you for being true to you and sharing your stories. Congratulations on your 5yr Anniversary. Love and light

  15. Michaela

    I was a WAY stressed out college student, going to school 40+hours a week, and only knew the bad stuff about cannabis. Both my parents were stoner kids, turned wholesome Christian parents(hence: weed=bad!), turned closet smokers once again haha. So they didnt know much educational stuff, and i was more interested in it’s health benefits after years of suffering in silence with my own depression and anxiety. I was first just researching cannabis in general,how to consume it, how to grow it, etc. So initially your book popped up, then i found your wonderful website. It sucks to hear someone else struggles with anxiety and depression, but it was nice to learn from a mom going through these things and used cannabis responsibly to treat it, and who just wanted people to have a sense of control in their mental health, and to squash the stigma. I really didnt want to resort to anti depressants and it was a relief to find i didnt have to!! Thank you!!! 💕💕 also thanks to your husband too, i love hearing the growing diaries! I cant wait to start my own garden.

    • I am a mom navigating my way through motherhood with cannabis and found your website when I googled “stoner moms”, looking for a blog exactly like yours… someone like me, navigating through the same stage of life, with cannabis. I love your blog and podcast and have learned so much from you! Thank you and congrats on 5 years!

  16. Colleen Boudreau

    I don’t remember how I found you but I’ve been following you for about a year now.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  17. Hey stoner mom! So congratulations on making 5 years that’s awesome. I found you on YouTube a few years ago and I loved being able to smoke with you lol. I found it really relaxing watching your videos. And well then after that I jumped into Instagram and your blog. Thank you for making it easier for moms to feel like it’s ok to relax.

  18. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! I can’t remember how I found you. I think it was through some sort of CBD oil company I followed and they must have posted something about you. Love your content, gorgeous lady!

  19. I found your podcast first. I just had my second son and needed to find a series I could relate with. MADAS connected me to the reality of being a stoner parent is OK! Love your Happy Flower products, I’ve been trying the 3 pack – 1 gm flight for a week now and really love them!! Keep up the good work momma!

  20. Congratulations! I’ve so enjoyed following you and your journey on this site. I too am a Colorado suburban mom living a cannabis life and you helping remove the stigma and enlighten the positives has truly helped me. I’ve followed you for the past few years and believe I first found you in you tube. Keep it up

  21. TXMommaMeg

    Happy Anniversary!

    I discovered you on YouTube! And then stumbled across your blog after you mentioned it in a video. It was so refreshing to find a responsible woman and mother who was using cannabis, not a ‘IG bikini weed model’ trying to over sexualize the experience. I’ll admit I was and still am a ‘beginner’ when it comes to cannabis. Since I live in an illegal state I have limited supply and resources. Learning about different strains, & consumption methods from your blog/videos helped me make informed decisions when I was able to make purchases. I’ve always admired the esthetic/style of your blog & the informative videos. I’ve listened to ALL of your podcasts & I have followed you for years and absolutely adore you and Blavid. Because of you I stated listening to ‘The Read’podcast & ‘My Favorite Murder’ my ALL TIME favorite – SSDGM – I recently purchased from the Happy Flower Company and was very pleased with the products. I’m about to place another order because I particularly LOVED Elektra & want to try Wife. XOXO TXmommaMeg  byyyeeeeee

  22. Congrats on an AMAZING 5 years!! I found you searching around one night for a site where I felt completely accepted. Your site came up first and I’ve never had to search again! I’ve been on the site for about a year and a member for about 6 months. I recently participated in my first live session and have started participating in the IG members group chat. I’ve already been amazed at how loving, caring, supportive and funny all of these women are. I only hope I can be a positive influence on others as well! Love y’all!!

  23. Happy anniversary! 🙂
    A good friend mentioned your Instagram handle because she loved your page and we tend to think alike.. and ever since then I’ve loved all your content! Hope you have a dope day xoxo

  24. I first came across your blog through Instagram! I can’t remember exactly how I came across your page, but I remember being super excited about it! As a mother of 3, (with a 4th on the way), I was thrilled to see that somebody had the courage to blog about their experience with being a stoner & a mother!! I remember the first time I felt comfortable smoking again after bringing my first child home from the hospital, and I remember feeling super guilty about it! I felt like I was a horrible new mother for wanting to relieve some stress using one of the best methods I knew how! Haha although I did feel guilty, I didn’t let it stop me from continuing to medicate bcuz I wanted to be the best mother to my child, and relieving stress by smoking was one way I knew how to put myself in a good state of mind. I fell head over heals in love with your page & your blog. It made me realize that I wasn’t alone in this journey of being a stoner mom! & it gave me the confidence to no longer be ashamed of it. Your blog, and Instagram page have helped me to break through the stereotypes that come along with smoking and no longer be fearful of how somebody (especially another mom) might judge me after finding out that I am a mother, but I am also a stoner. AND I am also a working mom, a productive mom, & a contributing member of society… And honestly, I am able to be those things because of my marijuana use! So, I want to say thank you to YOU! For opening that door for me, and allowing me to be comfortable with who I am bcuz now I definitely know I am not alone.

  25. Sonia P.

    Happy Anniversary 😊 I found you on Instragram like a year ago. Love reading your blogs and watching your videos. 😊

  26. Krystian Nicole

    Congratulations on FIVE years!! I found you in when I was looking for a like-minded person who was relatable and successful, all while being a stoner like me. I was medically discharged from the military and have chronic pain and anxiety/depression that is greatly improved through medicating with CBD, THC, and hemp. I came across your blog, and have had your blog bookmarked in my browser ever since. Thank You!

  27. You were my Ganja guardian angel in a sea of scary hospitals, tests and procedures. I had just fractured my 5th metacarpal and was faced with some awful pain management choices. I needed to confirm that I could indeed manage my pain another way… enter! Long story short, my condition was worse than I thought and I have yet to make a fist or use my dominant hand in 15 months. You have remained my pal throughout this trying time and I was inspired to become a mmj patient in my home state of MN. I have my life back and am slowly working towards finding remission to two incurable illnesses. I no longer fear surgeries, nerve blocks, or spinal cord stimulation because mmj has eliminated their need entirely. Thank you for providing information as you do, I will be forever thankful that you choose to❤️

  28. Stephanie

    I found you during the weakest hours of the morning. My house was completely silent except for my newborn. I was/am struggling with PPD. I ended up only nursing for a short time. It didn’t work for so many reasons but you helped me feel better knowing that a medicated mom is a better mom. Getting stoned isn’t to escape from my kids it’s to help me enjoy being with them, more. You’ve helped me through some really tough times. Thanks stoner mom and Blavid! I absolutely love your dynamic. Your marriage reminds me so much of my own.

  29. I *think* I first came across you when looking for a review on a new vape (a pax which I ended up buying and loving!). I am still a bit new to learning about CBD so this is awesome that you’re doing this, thanks!

    • TXMommaMeg

      Happy Anniversary!

      I discovered you on YouTube! And then stumbled across your blog after you mentioned it in a video. It was so refreshing to find a responsible woman and mother who was using cannabis, not a ‘IG bikini weed model’ trying to over sexualize the experience. I’ll admit I was and still am a ‘beginner’ when it comes to cannabis. Since I live in an illegal state I have limited supply and resources. Learning about different strains, & consumption methods from your blog/videos helped me make informed decisions when I was able to make purchases. I’ve always admired the esthetic/style of your blog & the informative videos. I’ve listened to ALL of your podcasts & I have followed you for years and absolutely adore you and Blavid. Because of you I stated listening to ‘The Read’podcast & ‘My Favorite Murder’ my ALL TIME favorite – SSDGM – I recently purchased from the Happy Flower Company and was very pleased with the products. I’m about to place another order because I particularly LOVED Elektra & want to try Wife. XOXO TXmommaMeg 😉 byyyeeeeee

  30. I was scrolling through Spotify trying to find a good podcast to start listening to when I went on walks with my dog. I was wanting one that was fun to listen to but also educational about cannabis. I happened upon yours and instantly LOVED it! Soon after I looked up your website and started reading your blogs. You guys have taught me so much and I’m always looking forward to new content for you guys!!

  31. Gabrielle

    Honestly, I don’t exactly remember when I started following you but I do remember watching your YouTube videos! I would probably still feel like a guinea pig testing out new medications, trying to treat my mental illnesses but then also trying to treat the medication side effects, if I didn’t find you. Thank you for sharing your story and helping so many people!

  32. You’ve been a friend (in my head) for about 3 years I came across your i think it was called whats in my stoner bag or whats in my bag youtube video. I really enjoy and appreciate all the content you put out. Its always so beautiful and soothing. I’m in a “illegal” state so I don’t smoke anymore as a working mom i have to much to lose and its frustrating AF. But thanks to you I’ve learned of legal alternatives. Im also trying to kick cigarettes and You’ve put me on to cbd and hemp and I am looking forward to hitting up happy flower and trying that out I was so excited when I heard about it. Thanks for what you do.

    • I am a mom navigating my way through motherhood with cannabis and found your website when I googled “stoner moms”, looking for a blog exactly like yours… someone like me, navigating through the same stage of life, with cannabis. I love your blog and podcast and have learned so much from you! Thank you and congrats on 5 years!

  33. Coffee Vape

    I found you about a year and a half ago on High Times TV when looking for education on medical cannabis. At the time, medical marijuana had recently been made legal in our state. However, there was no legal access to cannabis. Learning that you were able to eliminate prescription medications for depression, I gained hope! I was suffering for years from fibromyalgia and lupus, which have a multitude of symptoms including depression, anxiety and social anxiety. I waited very impatiently until I was able to acquire my medical cannabis products. You encouraged me, especially when I had NO ONE else to talk to or learn from. Thanks to you Kathryn, I have been able to eliminate some prescriptions and greatly reduce others!! I am enjoying positive thoughts and time with my family now. Forever grateful, Lee Anne

  34. Hiya Stoner Mom!

    I live in a state where recreational cannabis will be legal January 1, 2020. I haven’t smoked in years; I needed to catch up with the latest trends. I found you while researching the Ghost MV1. Your review was well done, so well done I purchased the Ghost. It’s a fine unit. I clicked around your site and read your insights on the CBD flowers you sell. I tried out several of your tasting packs. Vaping CBD flowers are AWESOME. I’m so grateful I discovered your site.


      Hi, very new to all this, I was recently diagnosed Bipolar, I am a 46 year old woman that quit drinking 10 months ago. My first ” I cant handle my anxiety” happened a month after being sober. I didn’t drink but started using marijuana again. I am now in the process of getting my card and have been fighting to get rid of the stigma of medical marijuana. I am now in the process of getting off Effexor xr which is a very dangerous antidepressant to take when you are already a mainly happy person. I confused my mania with the pink cloud effect that 12 step programs talk about. Today I am sad and suffering the down side of Bipolar but I know what is working for me. I would rather be on no pills and just rely on marijuana . Your sister, Jules


        P.S…I am still on some strong medication..I do know until I know myself again to not take myself off all my pills.

  35. I found out about you through the Entwive’s sub on Reddit. And I’m so glad I did! It is so nice knowing that there is a responsible adult cannabis community.

  36. You know how I found you:) Nothing but love for you. Thank you for all the coffee talks, reviews and information! I took my first bong rip while watching you your tube video.

  37. I was blessed to discover you and right as I entered my cannabis journey in 2017. I was a Mom working FT with a 3 year old and shiny new mental health issues that were different from my standing battles since my teen years. My Mom realized that I was on the brink of a meltdown and passed me a joint rolled with bleached white zigzag paper like it was 1985. Having never even smoked cigarettes, that first hit was harsh, but the medicinal effects immediate. My sweetest dear husband(who wanted his wife back) went to our local headshop and purchased my first small bong and dry hand pipe. I huddled in my cone of shame and began scouring the internet in search of how to USE my new liferafts. I was fortunate enough to find a kind smile on youtube and thus came my intro to Kathryn and TheStonerMom. Watching your videos allowed me to see that there is balance. That I could be a good Mom, wife, and employee while still *gasp* TAKING CARE OF MYSELF. If it hadn’t been for your message of responsible cannabis use and parenting, I would have become overwhelmed by guilt of being a “burnout” or a “stoner” and given up before I even started. Now, I have a much more positive self-worth and a tool that helps me be a better me. I’m thankful everyday for you and David and the amazing parts of yourselves that you chose to share to help those like me. So much love to you both. 💚

  38. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for a little over a year. I discovered your blog while recovering from a broken leg / knee surgery, which was also screwing with my anxiety disorder. Your CBD content has been super helpful, and whenever anyone asks me about CBD, I pass along your blog info.

  39. April Hall

    Hi I have been a fan for 2 years, and a member for a few months. I love all of your website. I enjoy seeing you and David hang out as well. I still live in a totally illegal state, for now.

  40. Tanya Zhuk

    Hi Stoner Mom,
    I discovered you by accident early on in your YouTube channel. I went back and watched all your earlier vids. I love how relaxed and authentic and open you are about talking about responsible cannabis use, mental health and other topics. Btw, still loving my ooze vape mod you recommended. 🙂