Bugs and Cannabis Plants: How to get rid of bugs forever


Bugs and Cannabis Plants

In the career of every cannabis cultivator, there will be an encounter with bugs. Bugs, dirt, and plants go together, and it seems impossible to have the one without having to deal with the other. In episode 3 of GrowCast, David teaches us all about bugs and cannabis plants. From how to diagnosis the problem in the first place, identifying the specific bug type, and most importantly, how to get the pests out of your grow tent so your cannabis plants can thrive.

Because bugs can reproduce so quickly, growers often find themselves super frustrated and feeling constantly one step behind. With diligence, the right supplies, and a consistent treatment plan, you can eradicate bugs from your cannabis grow, once and for all.

In GrowCast Episode 3:

  • Bugs & Cannabis Plants: what kinda bugs are we talking about here??
  • Preventative action: what you can do to prevent bugs from appearing in the first place.
  • Diagnosing bug damage: the calling cards of gnats and spider mites.
  • Treatment plans for common offenders.

To listen to David pontificate about bugs, and hear me hit the bong relentlessly, click play below!


If you’re new to the podcast, check out episode 1 and episode 2, which go into detail about the basic materials and supplies needed for your first foray into growing weed.

GrowCast is also available in the iTunes store. If you are enjoying this podcast series please leave a comment on iTunes! Reviews are the best way to help us gain listeners and we love the feedback!



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