The Dirt on Dirt

In Episode 1 David rambled on about the why’s of growing cannabis on your own. He covered materials and supplies, planning a grow space, and shared some of his favorite resources. In Episode 2 he starts to get specific and delves deep into the topic of soil. Soil and its specs are an excellent subject for circle-jerking in online forums. We don’t do that in this episode. Rather, David covers the ins and outs of growing weed in soil, and gives some non-preachy insight on how he does it.

In GrowCast Episode 2:

  • Pros of choosing to grow weed in soil.
  • What should you watch-out for when you grow weed in soil?
  • Soil = Bugs. How to deal.
  • Organic, miracle grow, dirt from the yard. What soil should you use to grow weed?
  • The complexities of Super Soil.

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Super Soil Recipe



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