Marijuana Safety Tips for Parents 

Marijuana in the household poses about as much danger as beer, medicines, cleaning products or poinsettias. Using common sense when handling and storing your pot will go a long way in ensuring your child’s safety. Today I’m sharing some personal tips on how I keep my kids safe from my weed and my weed stash safe from kids. My stash is kinda like a fifth kid, now that I think about it.

How to Safely Store Your Weed Stash in a House Full of Kids!

10 Tips to Help Keep your Pot Stash Safe from your Kid

  1. Establish clear boundaries in your household regarding rooms, personal property, privacy and respect. A household that has no boundaries is a simmering pot of chaos. Make sure everybody in the home is responsible for respecting boundaries. No snooping, no invading privacy, no going through people’s things.
  2. Keep your stash in one designated location. Being a tidy mother is all about building good habits, and building habits is easier when you keep things minimal.
  3. Put it away, every time. It’s really a matter of math. The higher the accessibility in the home, the higher the likelihood of a dangerous situation occurring. Put your weed and accessories away when you are finished toking, even if you are going to be going back for more in thirty minutes (who me?).
  4. Keep your stash up high. Where little stinkers can’t reach. A high shelf in the master closet is a good spot for your weed for the first several years of child rearing. Once kids reach a higher level of curiosity, a new solution may be necessary.
  5. Explore lockboxes and locking jars. A gun safe, a locking filing cabinet, jewelry safe, bathroom cabinet installed with a child lock. IKEA has a plethora of customizable cabinets, many that can be fitted with a keyed lock. My newest discovery, CoolJarz, has these amazing lockable jars, perfect for pot smoking parents anywhere. Seriously, I can’t recommend these enough. A quick search on etsy brings up endless ideas for pot storage. 
  6. Be the most secure with your marijuana and lighters. If the idea of putting all of your paraphernalia under lock and key is overwhelming, focus on the most important items- the marijuana itself and any fire sources.
  7. Store your pot accessories according to your family’s unique situation. Your glass pieces, vaporizes and other accessories are not a danger on their own, but if you are trying to avoid any signs of marijuana use, then you’ll need to hide these things. Some families may be less strict about their paraphernalia, and that is their choice. 
  8. Have a discreet option. Kids have eyeballs. If your favorite way to smoke weed is with your four-foot bong resembling a didgeridoo, then expect your children to be intrigued. Same goes for the king-sized Volcano bags. Use common sense and have a small, discreet method for getting high when there is a chance of being spotted. Pipes, one hitters, portable vaporizers, mini-bongs. I personally don’t think joints are discreet enough because they look so much like cigarettes, which kids of all ages know are yucky.
  9. Educate your children about marijuana. Probably the most important tip. If your kids are armed with knowledge they will be able to make more informed decisions should they ever come to contact with marijuana. 
  10. Be prepared. Call Poison Control 1-800-222-1222 immediately when you discover consumption.

Cannabis in the home does not have to be a danger. Treated with the same caution as you would use with alcohol or cleaning products, your pot stash can easily be made safe for a household with small children. For some more great guidelines on how to safely store your pot stash, visit Children’s Colorado.

Here’s a video from The Stoner Mom Show where I talk about these tips, and also get stoned. Obviously. 😉


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