Moonshine Haze

Moonshine haze is a sativa dominant hybrid, a Colorado native and a 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup winner.

Moonshine Haze_04w

This stuff is the closest thing to the perfect Mommy strain. Light, clean, potent, energizing, uplifting, zero couch lock and zero crash. Super fragrant, on the skunky side that clings to a room. Smoke this bad boy outside mama, and reap the benefits from its powerful high. 

  • Energy: Moonshine Haze kicks in quick with an almost immediate boost in energy and mental awareness. Fabulous choice for a wake and bake morning, before the stinkers wake up and the rush for the day begins. Fades out gradually with no post high crash.  
  • Mental Awareness: Perception is heightened; this high settles nicely in the head. Lots of thoughts, lots of ideas, no tunnel vision like some sativas. Very clear headed, high functioning strain. 
  • Emotional State: Moonshine Haze has a fabulous mood lift. Wonderful choice for before running in the yard with the kids. Joy, love, affection, juxtaposed with that delicious energy that makes one wonder how stoners have such a reputation for being lazy (says the woman who slept from 9-2 yesterday. Obviously was not smoking Moonshine Haze).
  • Jumpiness/Paranoia: Some jumpiness with the active mind, no paranoia. No one’s out to get you, life is good. Such a happy weed. 

A clear headed, energy boosting, mood-lifting strain makes Moonshine Haze a near perfect Mommy pot. Highly recommended. 

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