A Podcast Series about Growing Cannabis at Home

The Stoner Mom and her partner in crime David began their podcasting journey with this series all about growing pot at home. Our style may have changed, but these episodes still have a ton of useful information in them!

Quick Episode Links
  1. How to Grow Weed
  2. How to Grow in Soil
  3. Bugs and Cannabis
  4. Introduction to Hydroponic Weed
  5. Seeds and Cloning
  6. SCROG: Screen of Green
  7. Lights
  8. Nutrients
  9. Interview with another Grower
  10. Drying and Curing
  11. How to Make Hash
  12. The Wire

Episode 1: How to Grow Weed

how to grow weed


Episode 2: How to Grow Cannabis is Soil

How to Grow Weed in Soil

Episode 3: Bugs and Cannabis Plants


Episode 4: An Introduction to Growing Hydroponic Weed

How to grow hydroponic weed

Episode 5: Cannabis Seeds and Cannabis Cloning


Episode 6: Screen of Green



Episode 7: Lights for Cannabis Cultivation



Episode 8:  Nutrients

nutrients for cannabis


Episode 9: Interview with a fellow Cannabis Grower



Episode 10: Drying and Curing Cannabis

drying and curing



Episode 11: How to Make Hash

Hash, stoner mom, GrowCast, Podcast


Episode 12: The Wire!!