Mom and Dad are Stoned

The Mom and Dad are Stoned Podcast


Season Three

  1. Traveling with Cannabis
  2. Talking to Kids About Cannabis
  3. The Simplest Way to Grow Weed at Home
  4. Tips and Tricks for Stoner Parents

mom and dad are stoned

Season Two

  1. Stoner Parents Among Us
  2. The One for Beginners
  3. The One About Us
  4. Things to do While Stoned
  5. The One About Depression
  6. The Cannabis Episode
  7. The 420 Episode
  8. Sex, Pot, and Coming Out to Someone who Doesn’t Approve
  9. Why Moms should try Cannabis
  10. Ways to Consume
  11. Q&A with The Stoner Mom 

how to grow weed

Season One: GrowCast

  1. How to Grow Weed
  2. How to Grow in Soil
  3. Bugs and Cannabis
  4. Introduction to Hydroponic Weed
  5. Seeds and Cloning
  6. SCROG: Screen of Green
  7. Lights
  8. Nutrients
  9. Interview with another Grower
  10. Drying and Curing
  11. How to Make Hash
  12. The Wire

Game of Stoned

Our Other Podcast: Game of Stoned

A podcast where we get high/drunk and talk about our favorite goddamn story on the planet.

  1. OathToker
  2. Book of The Stoner 
  3. The (ho)Door
  4. Blunt of my Blood
  5. The Broken Bong
  6. No One (will smoke with Arya)
  7. Battle of the Bastardos